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Eyelid Lift

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Eyelid Lift
Eyelid Lift

What is an Eyelid lift?

About the Eyelid lift

Before surgery, your doctor will go over what is realistic regarding your facial anatomy, along with your medical history and goals. A physical and vision examination is required that involves tear production and tests were done on overall and peripheral vision. During the surgery under general anesthesia, your surgeon will cut across the crease of the eyelid to remove fat, excess skin, and muscle. Any incisions made to the eyelid are then closed with sutures and are removed in about one week.

Eyelid lift recovery

Swelling and bruising are normal and to be expected once surgery is complete, lasting anywhere from two to four weeks. Most patients feel comfortable going out around ten days to two weeks after the procedure as much of the swelling and bruising have subsided by this time. Pain is minimal and managed with prescribed pain medication. It is recommended that patients ice the area for ten minutes every hour to help with reducing the swelling and bruising for the first week but can do it as often as needed.