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Ear Pinning


What is Otoplasty?

Facelift, or a Rhytidectomy , is a type of cosmetic surgical procedure that visibly improves signs of aging in the face and neck area. There are different degrees of facelift a patient may undergo depending on how much they want to change in their face and/or neck. Fat is often redistributed around the face/neck, with excess skin being completely removed to achieve a much younger complexion. Depending on the degree of facelift desired, patients are often left with significantly younger-looking complexions, with remarkable improvements to wrinkles in the face as well.

About the Otoplasty 

 The surgeon will discuss with the patient what they can achieve regarding the patient’s facial anatomy, age, and goals. For a traditional facelift, incisions are made across the hairline and temples to redistribute fat, deeper facial tissues, and remove excess skin. Once the excess skin is removed, skin is placed over the newly sculpted face, giving the patient a rejuvenated and significantly younger-looking appearance.

Otoplasty recovery

Immediately after the surgery, the patient’s face will be swollen and bruised depending on how extensive the procedure was. Despite this, pain is minimal and manageable with prescribed pain medication. Bruising and swelling last anywhere from two to three weeks, with many patients feeling presentable enough to resume their normal routines in about two weeks. It is recommended to restrain from strenuous activity such as exercising for a full month after the procedure. The patient’s surgeon will advise when patients can start wearing face make-up again after the procedure depending on how fast they recover and how extensive the procedure is.