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What is Scrotoplasty?

A scrotoplasty is a procedure that either repairs or creates a new scrotum. This procedure can be performed for a variety of reasons, such as tightening the skin, reducing the size of the scrotum, and as part of the female to male transition. 

About Scrotoplasty

Your surgeon will perform a physical evaluation and examine your medical history, determining what results are realistic. If done for cosmetic reasons such as tightening and lifting the skin of the scrotum, these results are not permanent due to age--with the passage of time, the muscles in the scrotum naturally weaken and thus, it will sag lower. If you choose to have a scrotal lift, it will be performed under general anesthesia by your surgeon. An incision will be made in the skin near the penis, and any excess skin will be removed. Once complete, the incision is closed and sealed with sutures. Regarding sex reassignment surgery, a scrotoplaty is usally performed with other procedures that will create a penis for the patient. A scrotum will be constructed from the skin, tissue, and muscles of the vagina through incisions made in and around the folds of the labia majora. Sutures are then used to keep the newly made shape of the scrotum in place and will dissolve over time.

Scrotoplasty Recovery 

Regarding a scrotal lift, pain and swelling are normal, and can be managed with prescribed pain medication. Your doctor will recommend cold compresses to minimize swelling, and all sexual activity is restricted for four weeks. With sex reassignment surgery, there is a longer recovery time, with a hospital stay lasting almost one week. Depending on the type of procedures you’ve had, your doctor will provide you a list on how to properly care for the surgical sites.



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