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Buccal (cheek) Fat Removal

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Buccal (cheek) Fat Removal

Buccal (cheek) Fat Removal

What is Buccal (cheek) fat removal?

Buccal fat removal is a surgical procedure that removes excessive fat from the cheeks, also known as cheek contouring. This procedure allows patients to enjoy prominent cheekbones and an overall slimmer and more structured, defined face.

About the Buccal (cheek) Fat Removal Procedure

Performed under anesthesia, this procedure involves an incision made from the inside of the mouth, removing part of the buccal fat pad and trimming off excess fat. Sutures close off the incisions, with any scarring not visible due to the location of the incision. This is a relatively short and simple procedure, usually completed in under one hour.

Buccal (cheek) Fat Removal Recovery

Once the procedure is complete, patients are advised to not play with or put pressure on the sutures with their tongue until it is fully healed. In addition, patients are to follow a soft foods and liquids diet for a duration of seven to ten days depending on how fast the incision heals to avoid irritation. Pain is very manageable as only soft tissue is affected, but pain medications are prescribed during the healing process if any discomfort should arise.



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